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The All New Ormesa Bug Stroller

Posted April 26, 2016

The Bug by Ormesa is an adjustable seating system and pediatric mobility base. It offers three different base options that are compatible with the same seat (mobile stroller base, hi-lo, and 3 wheel jogger style).  The seat not only offers the tilt-in-space system incorporated into it, but also offers recline.

adjustable seat unit

The seating system has an adjustable head rest and growth capability. To remove the seat off of the base, you simply push a button and slide it smoothly off (no heavy lifting upwards). The rigid reclinable backrest is adjustable in height, the seat has independent adjustable side supports (to the pelvis), and the foot rest is also adjustable in height and tilt.

There are many more adjustments this chair is capable of and many additional pieces you can order to provide further customization’s.

View adjustments in the video below:

The 3 bases that are available for this chair are the four wheel indoor/outdoor base, the three wheeled jogger base, and the hi-low indoor feeder base.

The 4 wheel and 3 wheel bases (pictured below) have puncture proof solid wheels, hand brakes (drum brakes) to help ease downhill trips, directional wheel locks, and shock absorbers to provide a smoother ride.  The handle on the frame is adjustable in tilt and height to acclimate to the pusher’s height.











The Hi-Low base (pictured below) is made for indoor use only.  It has 4 swivel wheels to ease movement on indoor floors.  Moving it up and down to adjust the height is very simple because it is equipped with a gas spring that allows it to smoothly and effortlessly, with the push of a lever, transition from high to low, allowing the user to adjust to the exact desired height.  This base is ideal for use in feeding.


Each of the 3 bases is made of aluminum to provide strength, durability and remain light for ease of transport.  They also collapse down very compact to easily fit in any vehicle.

The fabric on the seat of the bug is fire retardant, resistant to wear, yet still rated gentle to sit against, and not irritate an infant or child’s sensitive skin.  It is available in four long lasting colors: blue, yellow, orange & pink.



To learn more about, or order your Ormesa bug today, please contact Reliable Medical Supply.  One of our Assistive Technology Professionals would be happy to help you order your Ormesa Bug.  Locations include Brooklyn Park (Metro area, Minneapolis)BuffaloRochester & Waite Park (St. Cloud).

The Amara View Face mask is the new full face mask for CPAP and Bi-level users that need therapy through both the mouth and nose.  The mask is made by Philips Respironics and comes with one modular frame to fit all cushion sizes available.  It has a higher rating in comfort, seal, stability, and overall fit than any other full face on the market today.  It is also the smallest and lightest full face mask currently on the market.

Watch the following video to learn how to successfully begin using the Amara View Facemask:


CPAP Face Mask Key Features

Small & Ultra-Lightweight – The Amara View face mask  is designed to have minimal contact with the patient, to rest lightly on the face without exerting pressure or over-tightening. It has an overall smaller frame and footprint than other full face masks.

Wide Field Of Vision – Patients can enjoy everything ranging from watching TV, wearing glasses to reading a novel. The mask does not have a frame edge or forehead support, no big cushion or  t-bar, so there is nothing above the nostrils area to block or reduce the field of vision.

Pic_2 Pic_3

Easy to Assemble – The Amara view face mask has just four parts to assemble, clean and maintain. With just one click, the cushion comes off for cleaning and snaps back into place.

Versatile Frame – The Amara full face mask is made to fit well with any Amara view cushion size.  A new cushion, whether small, medium or large can seamlessly snap on to the existing frame.

Soft & Secure Headgear – Amara view headgear is robust and soft, integrated with inlaid tabs. The quick release Talon Headgear clips are made of plastic so that they remain sturdy and won’t break with repeated use. They are also easy to snap on and off. To take off the Talon clip from the mask frame, just twist it. To put it back on just press and snap.

Cleaning your mask – Following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions is an important part of keeping your CPAP mask and head-gear functioning and fitting properly.  For this mask, it is recommended to clean daily with warm water and a mild soap and then air dry.  Make sure the mask is fully dry before using.  The headgear should be washed the same way weekly or on an as-needed basis.

If you are interested in learning more about Amara View Facemask by Philips Respironics, please feel free to contact your local Reliable Medical Supply Branch.  Locations include Brooklyn Park (Metro area, Minneapolis), Buffalo, Rochester & Waite Park (St. Cloud). One of our knowledgeable Licensed Respiratory Therapists will work with you and/or your healthcare provider and with your insurance provider to find the best solution for you or your patient.

Download the Brochure

The Cloud Lift and recline Chair by Golden Technologies is a high quality and American made product that is built to last. It comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty that covers both the lift and the frame for a lifetime, and covers the electronics in the chair for 3 full years. The Cloud is offered in 7 different fabrics/colors that come standard and allows for 30 additional custom fabric choices.  The chair comes in 2 different sizes: PR510-SME – best fit for people in the height range of 5’1” to 5’6” and PR510-MLA – best fit for people in the height range of 5’7” to 6’4”.  Both of these sizes have a max weight capacity of 375 lbs.

chair lift man

The Cloud chair is highlighted as a “Multi-positioning” chair that is equipped with 2 separate motors that allow the foot rest to move independently of the back/seat of the chair, allowing the users hips to stay in place and aligned as the chair moves from lying flat and parallel to the floor to sitting up straight at a 90 degree angle. The bucket style seat also aids in keeping the users hips and body aligned by cradling the user preventing them from shifting and leaning.

A remote control system called “AutoDrive” allows the user to program up to 4 different positions, granting them effortless movement into their favorite positions with the click of a button.  There are also 4 programmed positions that come standard from the factory.  The 2 most beneficial of the positions are called “Zero-Gravity” and “Trendelenburg”.  The Zero-Gravity position will remove pressure from joints and muscles in the lower extremities and because of this can contribute to the relief of allover pain and soreness.  The Trendelenburg position lowers your back down flat and parallel with the floor but leaves your legs elevated to promote circulation and aid in reduction of pain and swelling in the legs.sitzero gravtrendelenburg

This chair is great for people who suffer from pain, swelling, DVT blood clots or just need help getting out of their chair. With the full range of movement that no other company can offer to allow for the most assistive pain relieving positions possible.

If you are interested in learning more about The Cloud chair by Golden Technologies, please feel free to contact your local Reliable Medical Supply Branch.  Locations include Brooklyn Park (Metro area, Minneapolis), Buffalo, Rochester & Waite Park (St. Cloud). Our knowledgeable staff can work with you and/or your healthcare provider and your insurance to find the best solution for you.

To learn more about other lift chairs we carry, click here.



philip cough assist wheelchair

The Cough Assist T70 from Philips Respironics is a modern airway clearance device that has made augmentation of cough efforts more mobile, comfortable, and effective.  This device provides a positive pressure during inhalation to offer a deeper breath, and then quickly changes to a negative airway pressure that helps to mobilize secretions.  The treatment will effectively simulate a natural cough that aids in airway clearance in a comfortable and non-invasive modality.  Its sophisticated technology allows patients and caregivers to monitor the progress by viewing peak cough flow and tidal volume.  Download capabilities allow for data sharing and compliance monitoring with physicians and other healthcare providers.

Philips Cough Assist Minneapolis

The Cough Assist T70 sends air to the right place by means of a trach adapter, face-mask, or a mouthpiece. This non-invasive interface approach ensures that the patient feels very little discomfort during the air delivery process.  It offers a unique feature called Cough-Trak that allows the system to synchronize with a patient’s breathing efforts.  This enhances the delivery of each breath and gives the user a more natural feel to the therapy.

When it comes to convenience, Cough Assist is one of the most practical devices out there.  At nine pounds, it is light to carry and easy to transport with a shoulder strap bag or mounted to a wheelchair.   You also have a range of power options, meaning that you do not have to stick with DC and/or AC power, as the inbuilt L-ion battery offers extended capabilities at all times. For those who use the Philips Trilogy ventilator, the battery is interchangeable for even greater convenience.  In addition to these user friendly features, the device also has an easy to read digital interface that makes monitoring and reading data off the screen easy, for both the professional and the amateur.

When it comes to flexibility, the Cough Assist T70 is literally in a league of its own. The presence of a pedal accessory and remote control system offers a hands-off, automated approach to flexibility and maneuvering. The presence of a roll stand mounting also makes the device a lot easier to maneuver and allows the unit to move safely through the home environment.


Preview the CoughAssist T70

The Reliable Medical Respiratory Team has been providing respiratory products and services to patients all Minneapolis via our branches in Buffalo, Waite Park, Brooklyn Park/Minneapolis and Rochester.  Our knowledgeable staff can work with you and/or your healthcare team to help determine if the Philips CoughAssist T70 is the appropriate solution for your unique situation.  Coverage for products and accessories vary based on insurance coverage criteria and eligibility.  Call us today for more details about our programs.

Donwload the Philips CoughAssist T70 Brochure


Zippie X'Cape Minneapolis

Lightweight, durable, and easy to transport, the Zippie X’Cape pediatric wheelchair by Sunrise Medical allows children to easily move around and play like any other child with their wheelchair helping them instead of holding them back.

Zippe XCape

Fun Colors and Patterns

The Zippie X’Cape Wheelchair can help children who use wheelchairs for their main mobility to feel more comfortable and confident in their wheelchair because it is available in a wide variety of fun colors and patterns. The wheelchair is offered in twenty-seven frame colors and twenty-four crossbrace colors, which equals more than six hundred color combinations. Available colors include pink, neon green, zebra stripe, bright purple, glittery blue, and American flag pattern, among many others. These color choices allow children to select how their wheelchair will look based on their personal preferences, which will make them excited to show off their custom wheelchair.

Zippie X'Cape Pediatric Wheelchair Minneapolis

Easy Transport

The Zippie X’Cape is extremely easy to transport. It weighs only nineteen pounds, which makes it easy to lift into a car, bus, or other mode of transportation. It can also be unfolded, refolded, and locked with one simple step that requires only one hand.

Grows With the Child

The wheelchair is equipped with an adjustable crossbrace and rail. The crossbrace can be adjusted two inches and the rail can be adjusted three inches. Furthermore, the footplate of the wheelchair can be adjusted to heights of between half an inch above the seat pan to twenty-one inches below the seat pan. The adjustability of the Zippie X’Cape allows the chair to grow as the child grows.




Preview the VersaRail system of the Zippie X’Cape

WC-19 Transit Approved

The Zippie X’Cape is WC-19 transit approved for use as an occupant’s seat in a motor vehicle when used with an approved wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint.  This is important because it allows the child to be transported in their chair on the bus or an accessible vehicle.

The rehab team at Reliable Medical Supply specializes in working with physical therapists, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals to evaluate children for pediatric wheelchair, seating and positioning products.  With branches in Brooklyn Park, Buffalo, Rochester and Waite Park, we have been providing such pediatric products for kids all over the Minneapolis area.  Contact us today for a demo of the all new Zippie X’Cape pediatric wheelchair or a full comprehensive seating and mobility eval with one of our RESNA Certified ATPs.

Check out the Zippie X’Cape Brochure

Rental options for mobility and home care products are easily available for people who may require one for each their own reasons. There are wheelchairs, hospital beds and trapeze bars, and patient lifts that can be rented for short-term use, whichever suits your needs, your patients or your loved one.

Manual Hospital Beds in Minneapolis

Hospital beds and trapeze for home care use

Getting sick or having an accident can be sometimes inevitable. Hospital beds and trapeze for home care use can best assist in the recovery process from surgery and other illness, right in the comforts of your own home.

wheelchair rental minneapolis

Wheelchairs for short term use

In cases where an incident has brought about temporary disability, renting manual wheelchairs for short term recovery proves to be a wise choice. It’s more practical than buying one outright then have to store it away, and you surely would prefer never to be used again. You can simply rent one just for a single trip, for events and activities you will be attending, or any other personal reason and purpose you may have.

Patient Lift Rental Minneapolis

Patient lifts for home use for short term care of someone

Give yourself or someone you care about utmost mobility assistance you deserve, yet manage to remain within your budget and keep unnecessary expenses at bay. Renting patient lifts grants you independence for it significantly minimizes any physical limitations that one may experience.

Reasons to Rent Mobility Aids for Short Term Use

-Going on Vacation. Enjoy the convenience of not having to bring your own chair but still be able to use one anywhere you need it.

-Make Your Guest Comfortable. If a relative or someone else with mobility problems is visiting you, it’s a great idea to rent one to assist them during their stay. When the occasion is over or once they’ve headed back home, you can easily return the chair or any other equipment to the supplier.

-Freedom to Travel. Getting out in the community for special events or simply going around the neighborhood and enjoying the outdoors, and going wherever you need to go won’t pose any trouble with a reliable wheelchair to use.

-Recovery from Injury and Operation. Knee replacements, hip adjustments, and various other medical procedures tend to restrict use of the lower extremities for some time where mobility aids play an important role during recovery.

-Try and Test. Renting mobility aids do not only help with current physical conditions, but aid in the process of decision-making too. It gives you the freedom to thoroughly test one of your preferences and see for yourself if it’s the right one for you.

-Temporary use while waiting for funding.  Sometimes the funding process takes a while to get certain products approved for purchase via the consumers insurance.  Many times these products can be rented during this lengthy process.

We have a large rental fleet of the above products via our branches in Waite Park, Brooklyn Park, Rochester and Buffalo and have provided these rental products for residents all over central Minnesota for many years.  Our experienced staff can work with you to determine if renting a medical product is the appropriate solution for you or your loved ones unique needs.  We take many factors into consideration for each customer such as insurance coverage, time needed to rent a product, activities you need to product for, etc…  Contact us today for more information.

Relia Med

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a mobile app for residents and clinicians in the Minneapolis area that highlighted the home care medical supply and product local market.  Guess what, there is an app for that!  We were very excited to introduce the app late last year with many great industry and products resources that can be accessed right at your fingertips on your iPhone or Android devices.  Here are 8 reasons why you must download the ReliaMed mobile app:


We have teams of experienced rehab and respiratory professionals at all 4 of our branches.  Get contact information to our various professionals in the app.


We understand there are many websites and other online resource to get information about products such as CPAPs, oxygen systems, gait trainers, standing frames, wheelchairs, seating and positioning products and many other respiratory and rehab products.  We got you covered!  We have organized many of the manufacturer brochures in our app for you to quickly access out in the field!


Did you know we have branches in Brooklyn Park, Waite Park, Rochester and Buffalo?  Get contact information for each branch along with GPS directions so you can easily come visit us or contact us via the ReliaMed app.


We provide lots of great information in our newsletters that we send out each month.  Be sure to never miss information in these emails by accessing the in the mobile app.


It is hard to stay up to date with what is going on in the industry.  From funding cuts to major changes in reimbursement, it is hard to make sure that you are staying engaged to help fight major changes.  Stay up to date with what is going on in the industry via the app.


Many times it is difficult to explain how a product works without seeing it in person.  We have included videos of products by manufacturers in the app to reference or to show others how these products work.


Feedback is crucial for us to continue to provide Minneapolis residents with the best customer service in the local home medical equipment market.  We have included a customer survey in the app so that you can share with us how your experience was with our company.  We take feedback very seriously so we can ensure the customers and healthcare professionals we work with are provided with great service.


The app was created with you the consumer or clinician in mind.  We have included many resources that can be accessed on your smart phone or tablet that you can easily access when you are away from a computer.  For example during an equipment evaluation in a home or sharing information with others.  Please let us know what other resources you believe will would be helpful for you and we will be happy to integrate them into the app.

As you can see, we have a lot of great resources available in the app.  Our dedicated rehab and respiratory teams are always looking at cutting edge ways to share more about the great products in our industry with you.  Be sure to download the app and share with your friends, patients and/or colleagues.





CPAP couple in bed

Humidity?!  It’s below zero outside here in Minnesota!

Yes, yes we know, but keep in mind, these cold winter days can carry some cold DRY winter air along with them.  Your skin is itchy, your eye’s are itchy, you may even find it hard to inhale when you first step outside into the sub-zero tempts.  Oh, and one more thing, your CPAP may increase dryness in your mouth, nose, and sinuses while you’re asleep!

If you haven’t done it already, try turning the heater setting up on your CPAP to increase the humidity it puts out and avoid or alleviate that dry feeling in the back of your nose and throat.  You can experiment with the setting you use and what is comfortable.  Be aware that if you are experiencing excess rain-out in your tubing you may need to lower the setting a bit.  Sometimes it takes a little fine-tuning.

If you are already experiencing that dry feeling and are in discomfort, explore some options that promise to calm and sooth.  Oral lubricants and saliva stimulants can be very easy to use and very beneficial.   You can explore options at your local pharmacy and pick up these over-the-counter remedies.

Another important thing to consider when using a CPAP in this cold dry winter air is the cleanliness of your humidifier.  When is the last time you emptied the water chamber and gave it a good wash? When cleaning your supplies, remember to refer to the directions provided by your homecare clinician.  Be sure you have clean water in it as well.  We recommend using distilled water. This time of year is already riddled with chest colds and the latest strains of influenza don’t add to the risk of getting an infection!

Stay healthy and comfortable during the dry cold season.  Take care of yourself and your CPAP.  And if you have any questions or need to order replacement supplies please don’t hesitate to call us at 763-255-3800.  Or visit us on the web at www.reliamed.com.



Reliable Medical Supply is proud to announce a new product we now offer. It is called the Cravaat Dining Scarf by the company DinerWear®.

IMG_2273 SM Web



The scarf is designed to be a fashionable, practical & discreet way to dine with dignity. Your clothing will be protected from spills of all kinds, including food and drink. The fabric is durable, stain resistant and completely machine washable so after spills happen you or your caretaker are able to throw the scarf directly in the wash.

The scarf also comes with a nifty carrying bag. When you are done eating, the scarf, along with spills, can be rolled up and put in the bag until you are ready to wash it. Save money too because when the scarf comes off, your clothes are safe and clean!

This is an ideal product for individuals with special needs; such as, Parkinson’s Disease, Cerebral Palsy, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), MS (Multiple Sclerosis), MD (Muscular Dystrophy), SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy), CVA Stroke, Autism, etc.

The scarf comes in multiple patterns and the fabric is a soft, stylish and machine washable! It is by all means a scarf, but looks and protects just like a bib. Purchase the Cravaat scarf for yourself or as a gift. Call Reliable Medical Supply at 763.255.3800 today to order yours.


COPD Cold Weather

Preventing COPD Exacerbation during subzero Temps

Colder weather is on its way! If you are living with COPD these subzero temperatures during cold and flu season can be especially challenging. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy and active through our chilly Minnesota winter.

*Get your flu shot and be sure your pneumonia vaccination is current. You should also avoid exposing yourself to others that are ill. Make sure to wash your hands and do your best to avoid infections. Getting sick will only worsen the chances of a COPD exacerbation. If you do start to have symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, or increased trouble breathing see your doctor right away.

*Avoid exposure if you can. If you must go outside, wear a face mask or a scarf to warm the air. Breathing through your nose can also help with this.

*Stay clear of wood burning stoves, fireplaces, and scented candles. This time of year many people enjoy burning these in their homes and all three are known triggers for COPD exacerbation.

*Check your furnace filters. Air quality is important to your breathing! Dirty filters and ducts will increase the dust and other air contaminants you are breathing and can be highly irritating to your airways. You may consider purchasing an air purifier as well.

*Take your medications! If your doctor has prescribed medications it is always important to be diligent in your regimen. Missing doses or non-compliant use of therapy such as oxygen or nebulizer treatments is a recipe for disaster, especially during these winter months.

*Stay active. It can be hard to keep up your activity level when it is so cold outside, so that makes it all the more important to maintain a routine. There are many exercises you can do at home. If you are not already part of a pulmonary rehab program, look into joining one! They are very helpful in empowering those with lung disease to live their best!

There are many great online resources for activity and tips for better living with COPD. Check out the American Lung Association website at http://www.lung.org/lung-health-and-diseases/lung-disease-lookup/copd/  or the COPD Foundation’s COPD Big Fat Reference Guide (BFRG) at http://www.copdbfrg.org/?page_id=74 for more information.

Remember to contact Reliable Medical Supply of Minnesota (Brooklyn Park, Buffalo, St. Cloud, Rochester) for all of your Medical Supply needs (Respiratory, rehab, HME)!

Stay healthy!