The All New Ormesa Bug Stroller

Posted April 26, 2016

The Bug by Ormesa is an adjustable seating system and pediatric mobility base. It offers three different base options that are compatible with the same seat (mobile stroller base, hi-lo, and 3 wheel jogger style).  The seat not only offers the tilt-in-space system incorporated into it, but also offers recline.

adjustable seat unit

The seating system has an adjustable head rest and growth capability. To remove the seat off of the base, you simply push a button and slide it smoothly off (no heavy lifting upwards). The rigid reclinable backrest is adjustable in height, the seat has independent adjustable side supports (to the pelvis), and the foot rest is also adjustable in height and tilt.

There are many more adjustments this chair is capable of and many additional pieces you can order to provide further customization’s.

View adjustments in the video below:

The 3 bases that are available for this chair are the four wheel indoor/outdoor base, the three wheeled jogger base, and the hi-low indoor feeder base.

The 4 wheel and 3 wheel bases (pictured below) have puncture proof solid wheels, hand brakes (drum brakes) to help ease downhill trips, directional wheel locks, and shock absorbers to provide a smoother ride.  The handle on the frame is adjustable in tilt and height to acclimate to the pusher’s height.











The Hi-Low base (pictured below) is made for indoor use only.  It has 4 swivel wheels to ease movement on indoor floors.  Moving it up and down to adjust the height is very simple because it is equipped with a gas spring that allows it to smoothly and effortlessly, with the push of a lever, transition from high to low, allowing the user to adjust to the exact desired height.  This base is ideal for use in feeding.


Each of the 3 bases is made of aluminum to provide strength, durability and remain light for ease of transport.  They also collapse down very compact to easily fit in any vehicle.

The fabric on the seat of the bug is fire retardant, resistant to wear, yet still rated gentle to sit against, and not irritate an infant or child’s sensitive skin.  It is available in four long lasting colors: blue, yellow, orange & pink.



To learn more about, or order your Ormesa bug today, please contact Reliable Medical Supply.  One of our Assistive Technology Professionals would be happy to help you order your Ormesa Bug.  Locations include Brooklyn Park (Metro area, Minneapolis)BuffaloRochester & Waite Park (St. Cloud).

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