Respiratory Therapy - Exhale Program

A New Readmission Reduction Program for Stage 4 COPD Patients*

Exhale with Reliable Medical Supply, Inc. is a program that is designed to educate patients on the various topics of disease management. Equipment evaluations as well as in-home assessments will be conducted to determine the patient’s individual needs to maintain a healthy home environment and reduce the likelihood of hospital readmissions. Patients will work directly with our Licensed Respiratory Therapist as well as our Registered Dietitian to accomplish these goals.

Day 1:  

The initial home visit will include a visit from a Reliable Medical Supply Licensed Respiratory Therapist. This visit will include disease management education, equipment evaluations and home assessment to determine additional patient needs. A full clinical assessment will be conducted including:
  • baseline pulse oximetry
  • end tidal CO² 
  • breath sounds
  • nutritional screening

Day 3-7:

A Respiratory Therapist will phone the patient and schedule the next at-home visit. A nutrition assessment will be done by a Registered Dietitian to educate the patient and determine if a follow-up visit is needed.

Day 7-14:

A Respiratory Therapist will follow-up with another at-home visit to reassess the patient's SpCO², ETCO² levels as well as conduct a clinical respiratory re-check. A report will be generated regarding the patient’s usage and tolerance of the non-invasive vent protocol (if being utilized). If these results indicate an additional visit is necessary prior to the 30 day mark, this will be scheduled during this visit.

Day 30:

 A Respiratory Therapist will call the patient and determine if an additional in-home visit is necessary. If needed, this will be scheduled during this appointment.

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