Nutrition Supplies

Nutrition supplies

Nutrition Supplies from Reliable Medical Supply

Support to Achieve Optimal Nutritional Status

Reliable Medical Supply can help you meet all of your nutrition goals with a wide range of supplies for your every nutrition need. Whether you are looking for a formula to help your baby grow, meal replacements and supplements when you are not able to consume adequate amounts of food, or tube feeding formula and supplies to meet most or all of your nutrient needs, Reliable Medical Supply has the experience to recommend the right products.

Here, you gain access to individualized assessment of your specific nutrition needs by a registered, licensed dietitian. All of our phone consultations include a full nutrition review, calculation of your specific nutrient needs and recommendations to help achieve your optimal nutritional status.

Whether you have questions about your feeding tube, type of formula or how you can increase your caloric intake, contact us for help. We will continue to provide ongoing nutrition follow up, educational materials, and support to make sure your nutritional needs are being met.

Learn more about our oral and enteral nutrition supply product lines.

Registered Dietitian

Katie Shapiro, RD, LD

Phone: 763-255-3856