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Respiratory Equipment and Supplies – Educational Information

Looking for more in-depth answers to your questions about respiratory equipment and supplies? You can find some of those answers here.

Q: Can I get education for my equipment? Will you train my homecare nurse?

A: Yes. All education for families and non-healthcare professional caregivers of our patients is free of charge; $5.00 per hour for equipment education classes for healthcare professionals with Reliable Medical patients; $10.00 per hour for classes relating to cares/skills/assessment for healthcare professionals with Reliable Medical patients; and $35 per hour for all classes provided to healthcare professionals who do not provide care for a Reliable Medical Supply patient.

Q. How do I care for my CPAP / BiLevel mask?

A. Daily and weekly cleaning is needed to extend the life and fit of your product. Click here for CPAP cleaning guidelines.

Q. I have many questions about my sleep apnea and need for CPAP therapy. Where can I find answers?

A. There are many resources on the Internet. You may also find answers by participating in one of the many CPAP support groups or chat rooms. One site we have received much positive feedback on is Click here for our CPAP FAQ education sheet.

Q. I am using a ventilator for open mouthpiece ventilation. Do you have an educational form I can reference for appropriate use?

A. Click here for an educational piece you can use for a reference. Feel free to call one of our offices and speak to a respiratory therapist for more information.

Q. I am planning a vacation. What should I know about traveling with my CPAP?

A. Click here for a document on proper care when traveling with your CPAP. Depending on your method of travel and where you are staying, there are a few considerations you should follow when traveling with your CPAP.

Q. Are there any operating instructions for my oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen system or my oxygen regulator?

A. Yes. Click on the links below for the proper operating instructions for your equipment.

Operating Instructions for your Oxygen Regulator
Operating Instructions for your Oxygen Concentrator
Operating Instructions for your Liquid Oxygen System