Accreditations & Certifications

Company-Wide Accreditations and Certifications

Winner of the 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 Star Tribune Top Workplace Award 
The Top Workplace Award recognizes Minnesota companies that are the most innovative and engaging, based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees. Employees rank their workplaces based on leadership, benefits and the company's strategic direction.

Reliable Medical Supply thanks our employees for making our company recognized as a Minnesota Top Workplace!

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Winner of the National HME Excellence Award
The HME Excellence Award is a nationally renowned award that is given to one company who stands out in the following categories: financial, community involvement, staffing and quality control. By winning this it shows the world a snapshot of the strong foundation in which the company is built. Reliable Medical Supply is proud and excited to be the recipient of the HME Excellence Award - received Sept 9, 2014. To read more click here.

HMEExcellence National Best

Healthcare Quality Association On Accreditation - HQAA
HQAA – is a national accreditation that evaluates healthcare organizations to ensure they provide the highest quality care and safety. Healthcare organizations volunteer to be inspected by this non-profit organization to show customers their dedication to surpassing industry standards of safety and quality of care. HQAA is recognized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), the largest health care insurance provider in the United States. Learn more at


ALS Champion of the Year 


In 2009, Reliable Medical Supply was honored with the ALS Association Champion of the Year Award. The ALS Association, Minnesota Chapter created the Champion of the Year Award to honor an individual or an organization who, in their eyes, has been a “champion” in the fight against ALS.

Reliable Medical has partnered with the ALS for 15 years, helping to form and grow the Durable Medical Equipment Loan Closet. The delivery staff has contact with almost every person with ALS in the metro area, and work closely with patients and their families to set-up, and train on the use of the pool equipment. Reliable Medical Supply, Inc. Staff members serve on various ALS volunteer and fund raising committees, form walk teams, sell wrist bands and volunteer at events. Jeffrey Hall and RMS have also been major sponsors of the Walk to Defeat ALS and the Dinner of Champions since the inception of both events.

For Reliable Medical Supply, working with people with ALS is not just another population of people. The staff has been personally touched by ALS, so they understand the importance of the Durable Medical Equipment Loan Pool and the services provided by the chapter. Reliable has continued to partner with the ALS Association and join them in working towards the fight against ALS.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federally mandated set of rules and regulations that govern the proper use and disclosure of protected health information. As a covered entity, Reliable Medical Supply complies with all regulations set forth by HIPAA and continues to update policies and procedures as needed. Learn more at

MED Group Member 
Member-based MED Group admits only those medical supply companies that strive to improve quality of life for their customers. As a member, Reliable Medical Supply has access to resources that allow for further improvement of our customer relations. Learn more at

MED University 
MED University is a comprehensive and in-depth education program that allows a professional to attain a mastery certification based on their job description. All Reliable Medical Supply employees use this training to further their industry education. The MED Group provides this education to its members to ensure better service for everyone. Learn more at

Rehab Department Accreditations and Certifications

NCart The National Coalition for Assistive and Rehab Technology (NCART) seeks out better ways to allow consumer access to appropriate technology and services while creating a stable business environment for providers and manufacturers of rehab and assistive technology. They work closely with the governing bodies to help attain their goals. Reliable Medical Supply shows support through membership. Learn more at

The National Registry for Rehab Technology Suppliers (NRRTS) is dedicated to ensuring the provision of high-quality rehabilitation technology and related services to people with disabilities. Reliable Medical Supply employs several members of NRRTS who meet specific professional membership requirements, agree to adhere to the Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Blind Bidding policies of NRRTS, and commit to participate in continuing education to remain a member. The cornerstones of these codes are quality, professionalism and integrity. Learn more at



Rehab Engineering Society of North America (RESNA) is an administrative body that promotes research, development, education, and advocacy provision of technology by supporting the people engaged in these activities. To ensure consumer safeguards and to increase consumer satisfaction, Reliable Medical Supply supports its rehab members as they complete RESNA's credentialing program. Learn more at

Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP) is a certification administered by RESNA, which validates an individual's qualifications and knowledge in a defined functional and clinical area of rehab technology. The Board of RESNA will issue a certificate to successful candidates, who may present themselves to the public as professionals with demonstrated competence in technology and disability. A directory of credentialed professionals is available on RESNA's web site at

Certified Rehab Technology Supplier (CRTS) is a NRRTS member in good standing who has successfully completed the RESNA ATS credentialing examination. Learn more at

Occupational therapists help people with mental, physical or social disabilities to independently carry out everyday tasks or occupations. They work with children and adults of all ages, whose difficulties may have been present since birth, or the result of an accident, illness, ageing or lifestyle. Occupational therapists create individual treatment programs to help people carry out their daily tasks with more confidence and independence. They may suggest changes to the person's environment, whether that be at home, work or school, and may introduce the use of equipment which will help with some activities. Occupational therapists review the treatments periodically, evaluate progress and make changes to the treatment as needed.

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants work under the direction of occupational therapists in a variety of healthcare settings, including outpatient treatment centers and clinics. Typically, occupational therapist assistants aid in the provision of rehabilitative services for people suffering from mental, physical, emotional or developmental impairments. These individuals also monitor patients’ activities, record progress and document billing. Certified occupational therapy assistants work schedules are dependent upon their facility requirements.

American Association for Homecare works to strengthen access to care for the millions of Americans who require medical care in their homes. AAHomecare represents healthcare providers, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations in the homecare community. AAHomecare members serve the medical needs of millions of Americans who require oxygen equipment and therapy, mobility assistive technologies, medical supplies, inhalation drug therapy, home infusion, and other home medical equipment, therapies, services, and supplies in the home. Membership reflects a broad cross-section of the homecare community, including providers of all sizes operating in approximately 3,000 locations throughout all 50 states. Learn more at

Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services is an organization of firms that provide home medical equipment and services, home care, distribution of products and manufacturing of products. MAMES is an organization formed out of the need for a more powerful voice in legislative matters and a need for education and information that is critical to our continued success as an industry. Learn more at

Customer Service Department Accreditations and Certifications

Certified Custom Fitter for Compression Therapy
Reliable Medical Supply employs Certified Custom Fitters with both JOBST and Medi compression hosiery products. Fitters are seminar trained on proper measuring techniques and appropriate sizing to ensure effective compression therapy. Learn more at or

Certified Fitter for Post-Mastectomy Products
Employing Certified Fitters for Post-Mastectomy Products with Truelife, Amoena and American Breast Care products, Reliable Medical Supply offers quality services for patients. Seminar trained fitters are poised to effectively fit customers with appropriate prosthesis and accessories. Learn more at

Respiratory Department Accreditations and Certifications

Licensed Respiratory Therapist (LRT) denotes a licensed professional that keeps current on all respiratory practices by means of continued education and practice requirements. Reliable Medical Supply employs LRTs to provide patients unmatched respiratory service and support. Respiratory equipment set-ups, education, and assessments are performed by qualified LRTs to ensure quality of care.

Additional Credentials
All Reliable Medical Supply respiratory therapists are state licensed, and have gone beyond state requirements to continue their education and obtain further credentials through the National Board for Respiratory Care. Many of our LRTs on staff have some or all of the following additional credentials: Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT), Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT), Neonatal Pediatric Specialist (NPS), and Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist (CPFT).

Service Department Accreditations and Certifications

Certified Repair Center (CRC) is a MedGroup-administrated certification earned by individual service technicians. During three separate levels of training, each technician achieves Bronze, Silver and finally Gold status. Industry wide, few technicians complete all three certifications. Several Reliable Medical Supply technicians have attained their Gold certifications in a continuing effort to improve service to our clients. Learn more at

Service Seminars 
All Reliable Medical Supply technicians are required to attend annual in-house and remote seminars specific to the service of our products. One of the most valuable aspects of these seminars is the ability for technicians to become experienced in servicing new products as they appear on the market, thus increasing the level of service to our clients.

Nutrition Department Accreditations and Certifications

Registered dietitian (RD) has completed multiple layers of education and training established by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In addition to holding at least a bachelor's degree, a RD must fulfill a specially designed, accredited nutrition curriculum, pass a rigorous registration exam, and complete an extensive supervised program with a minimum of 900 hours. Registered dietitians must also complete continuing education courses regularly in order to keep their registration current. Minnesota also has licensure laws for dietitians, L.D. (Licensed Dietitian). This credential indicates that a person has met the state’s particular education or experience requirements for licensure. Reliable Medical Supply employs a licensed and registered dietitian to provide phone consultations and work with you and your health care provider to determine and help you meet your nutritional needs and goals.